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Introduction to Groundwater: Principles and Practices - Adelaide

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8th March 2016 - 10th March 2016

** Now including a session on the impact of climate and drought on water supplies courtesy BoM.  Also, a session on SA water policy from the Mt Lofty NRM.

The Introduction to Groundwater: Principles and Practices three day training event is the country's leading groundwater school for both new entrants to the industry and for current professionals seeking to update their skills or to move from a related discipline.

Introductory level... not basic!

Designed and led by some of Australia's most experienced groundwater experts, this Introduction course is anything but basic or low level.

While assuming only minimal experience, this course will stretch your abilities and by the end of the third day you will have received a solid and wide-ranging education in this important, but hidden resource.

Should you attend?

This course is ideal for anyone working in any area related to groundwater or its management and is designed to be cheaper, shorter and more accessible to staff than any previous five-day generalist groundwater school.

If you are facing a career change – planned or otherwise – increasing your skills and knowledge is always a good thing for a positive future.

Australian Content - Australian Presenters

The training covers a large range of topics from hydrogeology, principles of groundwater and its storage and movement, interaction with the environment, salinity, sustainable yields and much more.

Do you have a specific question?

Attendees are invited to submit their own questions and areas of concern at the beginning of the course to ensure everyone’s needs are adequately met.

From new graduates to experienced practitioners, all have come and learned a great deal from the exceptional depth of experience on offer from our presenters.

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding of groundwater within the environment, locally, regionally and also globally
  • Gain a basic understanding of geology and various terms used during this course
  • Learn about different types of materials within aquifers and their various storage capacities
  • Be given an overview of Darcy's Law, the most basic formula used for groundwater volume etc
  • Be made aware of the interaction or connectivity between both surface and groundwater
  • Understand the process of locating groundwater in the field
  • Understand at a basic level the types of bores and also pumping techniques
  • Learn about the aquifer parameters, capacity, volume, storage at a formulaic level
  • Have an overview of contour maps, groundwater flow systems and the process of recharge and discharge
  • A basic view of groundwater chemistry
  • Introduction to Mine dewatering
  • Be given an introduction to monitoring of groundwater
  • Introduced to the various types of data collection currently available
  • Understand the presentation of the data collected
  • Tutorials designed to give a much better understanding and to cement the knowledge for each attendee
  • And more...


Please download the course brochure,registration form and full course program or contact Glenys ( for more information.


Location Mercure Grosvenor Hotel
Cost $A 1,890.00 (inc. GST)


Dr John Bradd   PhD
Dr John Bradd has 27yrs experience as a hydrogeologist directing, coordinating, managing and conducting groundwater and water resource management projects in Australia and in ... more

Tony Laws   BSc (Hons), MSc
Tony Laws has been involved in the water industry well over 40 years and has worked extensively in all states of Australia. He gained in Masters Degree in Hydrogeology from London ... more

Darren Ray
Darren Ray is the Senior Meteorologist and Manager for the South Australian Climate Section at the Bureau of Meteorology.  Darren started with the Bureau of Meteorology in 2002 ... more

Martin Stokes
Senior Project Officer Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources studied in the field of Natural Resource ... more

Full Colour Course Notes supplied:



Glossary of Groundwater Terms and formulae:


8Gb USB Flashdrive supplied

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